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The Biggest List ever of things to do in Maine

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National Parks
Acadia National Park - MDI
Acadia National Park - Schoodic
Acadia National Park Seawall
Bar Harbor & Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor
Seal Harbor
Northeast Harbor
Mount Desert Island's Quietside
Southwest Harbor
Bass Harbor

Blue Hill Peninsula Region:

Blue Hill
Deer Isle

Ellsworth Area:


Acadia Schoodic Peninsula Area:

Gouldsboro: Winter Harbor
Prospect Harbor
Corea by the Sea
Grindstone Neck


Beals Island & Jonesport
Roque Bluffs

Some villages have been combined for touring convenience.


Looking for a place to stay in Maine?

See our biggest list of Maine Lodging in the Acadia parts of Maine with virtual tours that quickly take you inside.


Virtually Tour all of Downeast Maine with over 150 360 degree and panoramic virtual tours of Downeast Maine plus things to do, where to stay, places to eat and places to shopCheck the Fairs and Festivals Schedule. Don't miss the lobster festivals, lobster boat races, blueberry festivals, Oktoberfest, art shows, concerts and playsThe Virtual Art Show features oil paintings, water colors, sculptures, pottery, jewelry and more by local artists inspired by Downeast MaineSee virtual 360 degree views inside RestaurantsSee Where to Shop. Find souvenirs, clothing, housewares, nautical items, collectibles, hand made crafts and moreFind out about Downeast Maine Activities like whale watching, kayaking, boat cruises, Acadia tours, scenic flights and moreVirtually tour inside vacation rentals of cottages, bed and breakfasts, inns, camps, cabins, private homes..see all kinds of vacation rentals in Downeast Maine

Things to do in Maine.

Trying to find ways of enjoying your summer vacation in Maine?  Well, you're search is over.  In this part of Maine, visitor's are in awe of our natural scenic beauty throughout the coastal villages and the amazing Acadia National Park areas on Mount Desert Island and on the Mainland.  In addition to never ending sightseeing, try something new, fun and exciting too.   We've compiled the biggest list ever of all kinds of things to do in Maine.  You can do all of it right here in Maine -- literally hundreds of things to do, many that you probably ever never thought of doing in Maine.   And, we're betting that if you try something new, it will be one of the biggest highlights of your vacation in Maine providing memories of a lifetime and maybe even an heirloom, depending on what you decide to do.

The Biggest List ever of Things to do in Maine


See, Learn, Discover, Play and Enjoy Acadia National Park and all of Downeast Maine

Visit the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor

Visit the Acadia National Park in Seawall

Visit Acadia National Park at Schoodic Point

Have a picnic on the rocks

Hike trails

Go beach hopping – so many to choose from!

Rent a Kayak in Bar Harbor, Rent a Kayak in Acadia


Ride bikes through Acadia on the carriage roads

Take photographs

See a Movie

Go out to eat

Beach Comb for shells, drift woods, seaglass, COLLECT rocks

Get on a sail boat charter

See the whales

Look for seals with binoculars

Go bird watching or on a nature cruise

Take a Trolley Tour

Go to the museums

 Learn to Knit

Start a diary and take pictures of your journey.

See how pottery is made

Attend the festivals

Go to a bean supper

Try a game of bingo!

Visit Maine light houses

Cool off in a watering hole

Go to a library – many downeast Maine libraries have special sections with old books about their town!

Paint rocks

Make a beach candle

Make a seashell mirror

Make a seashell candle holder

Go Shopping!

Go lobster fishing

Read one or more Maine books

Learn a new subject

Go to a spa

Take a zumba class

Watch the sun rise!

Look for wildlife at Petite Manan just before sunset!

Make a birdhouse

Sit around a campfire  "bake" a small potato on a stick over the campfire.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Go to garage sales

Start a fundraiser and donate proceeds to your favorite organization

Make summer ice popsicles from flavored  tea

Learn to play golf

Start a fundraiser for your favorite cause

Go on a biplane ride for a thrill of a lifetime!

Go on the ATV trails

Enter a marathon

Have a water fight with a garden hose or water balloons or water pistols

Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

Play baseball

Watch a live baseball game

Go sailing

Throw a Frisbee

Play an egg toss game

Buy a new game or toy. Best selections in Ellsworth and Hancock, and Bar Harbor

Play Hackeysack

Learn a new dance

Go on a sailboat

Start an herb garden

Take pictures

Write a story

Go blueberry picking

Try a new food

Attend the local concerts

Try to make a worlds record

Tell ghost stories

Make a new friend

Visit retirement homes & play a game

Make a quilt

Write a poem about your vacation

Visit all of the Schoodic International Sculptures throughout downeast and have your picture taken with each sculpture.

Attend a class at the Schoodic Arts for All in Winter Harbor, near Acadia Schoodic. Some of the things you can learn to do are:

how to make a pot belly  pack basket

hand craft boxes

make a berry basket

 make a sailing dinghy

 build a garden trellis out of trees and branches

carve a face on a walking stick

make a bracelet

make a mosaic bird bath

origami boxes and owl stool

make paper

make pottery

Learn fly tying

Learn a new dance: line dance, swing dance, hula dance,irish jig, salsa,make a purse, weave, spin wool

Learn tatting

make pins, earings and bracelets from vintage buttons and buckles

make jewelry from clay

make a quahog shell necklace

learn how to pennywhisle

learn how to sing

learn how to write your own song

make a stacked stone sculpture

make a stone vessel 

make a wire sculpture

make an online movie

learn asian ink painting

learn Hip Haiku writing

and learn how to tell stories

make a pop up books

make your own Ukrainian egg

make wind sculptures

make windchime

learn batik

make beaded bugs and flowers

airbrush your own t-shirt

make a comic book and cartoon characters

make stained glass

Learn to play an instrument


And don’t forget, practice Conserving Energy.  Simple things you can do to conserve are:

1.       Use fans for natural air conditioning instead of an air conditioner

2.       Use cold or warm water to wash clothes

3.       Use a clothes line to dry clothes

4.       Walk, bike, car pool or use mass public transportation or the free bus to get around

5.       Reduce waste by purchasing minimally packaged items

6.       Choose reusable products over disposable ones

7.       Use compact fluorescent bulbs at home


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