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The Influential, The Famous & The Celebrities of Downeast Maine - Bar Harbor Maine and the Acadia National Park Regions 

Downeast Maine provides the perfect getaway for famous people and has since the 1800's.   After it's discovery, it was built by the affluent and influential members of society.   It has Acadia National Park, it's not overcrowded, there are over 170 beaches along the Down East Maine coast, many secluded and romantic.   The beaches are free from condos or high rise apartments and can be enjoyed by all.  There are many charming little villages that follow the beautiful coastline with distinct character and charm.  It's a place to renew and unwind and escape the doldrums of everyday life making  Down East  unordinary and extraordinary, naturally.   It's also a place for inspiration and creative development.
When you visit Acadia National Park and the nearby towns both on Mount Desert Island and the mainland it's nice to know where you are, whose been here, who lives here and what fame surrounds it.  Get information here and be informed for the greatest experience.  You can buy relevant books, movies, music and products at discount prices here too from our Amazon account. 

Known influential and famous people are: (in no particular order)

  #1: The inventor of the first automobile, the Model T: Henry Ford built several family cottages overlooking the harbor in Seal Harbor which is just down the road from Bar Harbor.   When visiting Acadia National Park, be sure to stop at the Seal Harbor Beach where these homes are.  Martha Stewart has a home here as well.  If you are interested in more information about Henry Ford, consider getting this book.
#2 The Rockefellers.  John D. Rockefeller owned Standard Oil.  He was an industrialist who revolutionized the petroleum industry.  He gave away more than half his fortune and his family followed by donating hundreds of millions more which transformed America.  John D. Rockefeller Jr. donated about 1/3 of the land in Bar Harbor which is Acadia National Park and he built the carriage roads.  US Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was born in Bar Harbor.
#3  The Morgans:  JP Morgan is internationally famous for his leading financial services company.  He owns a chunk of land abutting Acadia National Park.  You'll  find just one of the family mansions along the shorepath in Bar Harbor. See books related to JP Morgan and his business
  #4 The Vanderbilts:  Known for creating railroad and shipping empires.  This family was highly prominent in the 1800's because of the family patriarch, Cornelius Vanderbilt who was the tenth wealthiest persons in history.  The Vanderbilts built lavish cottages in various areas including Bar Harbor.  One of the decendents, is well known by her jeans...Gloria Vanderbilt.
#5 The Astors:  The 17th wealthiest families in history.  This family is known for owning grand hotels in a gilded age, in particular the Waldorff-Astoria Hotel in New York.  The family owns hotels in Bar Harbor and decendents live there.  There are several other interesting books relating to the Astors here.
  #6  William Howard Taft: The 27th President of the United States was known to enjoy golf in Bar Harbor. He was also a Yale graduate, he served as the secretary of War for President Roosevelt  before becoming the President.  After Taft's presidency, he served as the Professor of Law at Yale and was later appointed to Chief Justice of the United States. 
#7.  L.L. Bean is an American icon.  This self made entrepreneur was made famous by his great success in the outdoor industry. Shop Online for new and resale LL Bean Products
#8. Co-Founder and CEO of Burt's Bees, Roxanne Quimby.   This company was founded to sell environmentally friendly and natural person skin care products.  Roxanne has a home downeast in Winter Harbor - Schoodic Peninsula of Acadia National Park.  
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#9. The Star and creator of the TV show, Martha Stewart, writer of many books on cooking, everyday living, home care, crafts, weddings and more:  Martha Stewart (she has a home Downeast in Seal Harbor)
        See more books from Martha Stewart

#10.  Movie Star of Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction and many more: John Travolta has a home on Islesboro.  You can see the Island from Bakeman Cove Beach and Orr Cove in our Tours of Brooksville).  You can watch Saturday Night Fever on demand on your computer right now. Click on the photo at left.  Hey, you could be dancing.  

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  #11.  Noel Paul Stookey of the top band Peter, Paul and Mary lives in Blue Hill.   The band is known for hits such as "Puff the magic dragon"  and the wedding song "There is Love" (all time fav) and many others.  Paul is very active performing in Downeast Maine.

See more music by Paul Stookey

  #12.  TV sitcom co-star on Cheers and movie star: Kirstie Alley is reported to have a home on Islesboro Maine

See more movies you can watch with Kirstie Alley

#13. The Producer of Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal and Picket Fences: David E. Kelley has a home in Bar Harbor.   If you want more information about David Kelley, check out this book.  The price can't be beat.  
  #14. NY Times Best Selling Author of Windswept. Mary Ellen Chase has a home downeast in Steuben.  This novel was inspired by this property  and named after it.  The book is about a Maine family spanning six decades living on the coast of Maine starting in the late 19th century through World War II. 
#15.  Fred Savage: This Architect was the most influential architect on Mount Desert Island.  His parents owned the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor and he was originally the postmaster of Asticou on Mount Desert Island, but after receiving encouragement by the president of Harvard University he left the area to study architecture at Peabody and Sterns in Boston, Mass. and then returned to Bar Harbor and built up a large clientele of wealthy summer people.  His building trademark featured wide eaves, porches and eyebrows.  
  #16.  The Movie, The man without a face, starring Mel Gibson was filmed in many locations in Maine.  The location of the home he lived in was Downeast on Deer Isle.


#17. Singer & Songwriter Dan Fogelberg (8/13/51- 12/16/07) who produced 20 albums lived downeast on Deer Isle.  Some of his top songs included Heart Hotels,  Longer, Hard to Say & Same Old Lang Syne.  His legacy lives on.  
#18.  Author of the Children's Book "Charlotte's Web" E.B. White lived in the downeast town of Brooklin Maine.  His book was based on the animals in his barn and small town life in and around Brooklin.  Members of EB White's family still reside in the area.  
  #19.  The movie "Pet Sematary" written by best selling author Steven King novel (a resident of Bangor Maine) was filmed in the downeast town of Hancock on the Hancock Point Road. It was also filmed in other areas down east.
  #20.  Author John Steinbeck (Pullitzer prize and Nobel Prize for Literature winner -- well known by his 1939 Novel, the Grapes of Wrath) mentions Downeast Maine in his book which he traveled to. In "Travels with Charley: In Search of America" a traveloque in which he raves about his trip to Deer Isle.  He describes it as an "Avalon" (paradise).  He also writes in this book "I have demonstrated that I can't describe Deer Isle".  What is amazing is that this author who is never short on words cannot find the words to come close to describing the tranquility of Deer Isle.
#21. Author of Pocketful of Names, Joe Coomer has a home Downeast in the town of Stonington.  He based this book on what he thought life was like on the island that he could see from his front porch.   
  The Cider House Rules, starring Charlize Theron was filmed partly at Sand Beach  in Acadia National Park and the town of Bernard on Mount Desert Island (which is near Southwest Harbor).  Editor's Comment: The town of Bernard was named by one of the first two families to settle on Mount Desert Island. 
The Storm of the Century, a Steven King movie was filmed in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island.  

Downeast Maine, Bar Harbor, Maine, Winter Harbor Maine, Blue Hill Maine and all the rest of the sweet little villages tucked away along the Acadia National Parks region in Bar Harbor and the Schoodic Peninsula are such beautiful scenic places to visit.    It's a best kept little secret to not only celebrities but anyone looking to renew, unwind, relax and breath the soothing sea air.  It's also a nice place to raise a family or to retire. People have a real sense of community and family in Downeast Maine.



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