When it comes to Maine food, nothing rivals Maine Lobster.  Lobster is caught fresh in Downeast Maine from the Ocean and brought into the wharfs of  in the many villages in Downeast Maine.  See them below and when you visit, have some Maine Lobster!
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How to Eat a Maine Lobster. 

Why not try lobster?  If you're going to visit Downeast Maine and attend the festivals and dine in the restaurants, rather than being in awe of the folks enjoying Maine lobster, join them.  Become a lobster lover.  Isn't it time you found out why people go crazy for lobster? If  you are not sure about Lobster, here's a few things about lobster that you need to know. First of all it's not fishy, it's not salty and it's not gritty, it's sweet!   When you dip it in melted churned butter your eyes will roll and you will be asking yourself, why you've waited this long to try lobster.  Let's face it, the coast of Maine is defined by lobster.  Ask anybody what the first thing that they think of when they think of Maine and you'll hear "lobster".  You know that the mere mention of the word lobster has some people drooling.  Some people love lobster so much they eat it for breakfast.  It's New England's delicacy and it defines Maine.  To eat a lobster is easier than you think.   We've listed how to eat lobster step by step.  Many people find that the first time to try lobster is easiest with someone that already knows how to eat lobster.  If you want to go it alone, then take a crack at it.   



This Photo taken at the Lobster Festival in Winter Harbor, Maine.  Thousands of lobsters were served up during this wonderful festival.  We wouldn't miss this lobster festival for anything.

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Steps to Eating a Maine Lobster

1. Twist off the claws. Just grab a claw and twist at the joint. 

2. Crack open the claws.  Just put the cracker across the claw so that it is going across the flat side of the claw and crack it.

3. Pick out the meat with a lobster pick.  If you pick it gently, you can pull the meat out in one piece.  You can start to enjoy eating the lobster, dip it in butter.  You will taste a sweet, succulent piece of meat...but it gets better.

4. Turn the lobster on it's back and uncurl the tail, then twist it off.

5. Twist off the little flippers. There's small bits of meat in the flippers... so dip it and suck it up.

6. Push the meat out from the lobster tail using your thumb just push the meat through. The lobster tail to most people is the most delicious part of the lobster.  However, It is chewier than the claws which are more tender and sweeter.

7. The last part of the lobster is its 8 legs, there's some meat in those, so just pick the meat out and suck on those too.  If you are a first time lobster eater....maybe pass on the sucking.


Something we haven't mentioned yet is that green stuff in the lobster.  The green stuff is the Lobster's liver.  It is considered a delicacy by lobster gourmet chefs.  Some people don't like it, so it's up to you, to eat the green stuff or not, only you can choose what you're willing to eat.  If you like liverwurst, well, you'll probably really love the tamale.

Find the lobster restaurants here for the best lobster you'll ever eat.      

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